Get Ready for WOW

Get excited for Week of Welcome 2018! This week-long program will familiarize you Cal Poly campus culture and expansive resources, introduce you to (literally) hundreds of new people, and guide you through your first week of classes.

What's Next? 

Make sure you're prepared for WOW and review the following list carefully. 

  • Check-in for WOW Sept 14th & 15th

    • On Campus Students: Once you arrive on campus and have moved-in, head to Mott Lawn Sept 14th or 15th to check-in. Your WOW Check-in time is preassigned based on your move-in time.
    • Off Campus students: Check-in for WOW between 3 pm and 5 pm on either day. It’s important all students check-in to receive your WOWie wristband and information to necessary to participate in WOW.
  • Complete and bring your WOW Participation Waivers

    • To participate in WOW and receive your wristband, you must complete the two waivers.
      • If you are 18 years old as of (9/16/18) - Check your Cal Poly email for a message from DocuSign and complete digitally
      • If you are under 18 years old (as of 9/16/18) -  please print at home, have parent/guardian complete, and bring with you to WOW check-in
      • Form 1: University Release

      • Form 2: Photo Release

  • Find Your Group

    • All student must check- in prior to meeting their group in order to participate. WOW groups form the morning of Sunday, Sept 16th. You will receive an email from by Thursday, Sept 13th with your WOW Group number and time. Students must be wearing their WOWie wristband (received at WOW check-in) before they meet their group.
    • For Sunday, 9/16/18, make sure to wear your green "Mustang Way" shirt you receive at WOW check-in to grouping and Big Fall Welcome.
    • There are three grouping times and hundreds of grouping numbers. Group numbers are associated with the hall you're living in and have a corresponding time. Pay close attention to you group number and it's corresponding time in the email you receive by Thursday, 9/13.

Grouping #1 - 9:30 AM

Grouping #2 - 10:00 AM

Grouping #3 - 10:30 AM

North Mountain: 100 - 186

Santa Lucia: 261 - 280

Sierra Madre: 500 - 558

tšɨłkukunɨtš: 675 - 704

tsɨtqawɨ: 735 - 750

All Cross Cultural Experience groups: 10 -31

Tenaya: 320 - 339

Trinity: 350 - 370

Yosemite: 400 - 494

tsɨtkawayu: 600 – 615

tiłhini: 650 - 665

nipumūʔ: 710 - 721

Muir: 230 – 248

Sequoia: 291 – 309

elewexe: 625 – 640

tsɨtpxatu: 760 – 780

Transfers: 800 – 830


  • Bring $25 cash

    • Your WOW Leaders have a busy week planned for you – make sure to bring $25 cash as you explore campus, San Luis Obispo, and the central coast during WOW.
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