Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

SLO Days

Who is invited to attend SLO Days and Week of Welcome?

SLO Days and Week of Welcome attendance is mandatory for all first-time freshman and transfer students. We have saved a space for up to two guests/supporters to attend SLO Days with their new students. Supporters will register on the same platform as the new student. Their attendance is optional. The events are ONLY optional for readmitted students (https://orientation.calpoly.edu/readmitted-students). Please log in to your orientation account to complete your SLO Days and WOW reservation.

How does a readmitted student request an exemption from orientation events?

If you did not attend either orientation previously, then you will be required to complete your reservation for SLO Days and Week of Welcome. Students that did participate previously will need to contact the College Advising Center (advising@calpoly.edu) and receive written approval that will be forwarded to orientation@calpoly.edu.

Which SLO Days sessions can Cal Poly Scholar students attend?

First-Time Freshman Students
The Cal Poly Scholar Program sets specific sessions the Cal Poly Scholar students can attend.

  • July 6–7; Thursday–Friday
  • July 13–14; Thursday–Friday
  • July 17–18; Monday–Tuesday
  • July 28–29; Friday–Saturday
  • Aug 4–5; Friday–Saturday

Transfer Students
Transfer students must attend either August 9 or August 10, which has been preselected by your college based on your major. 

Which SLO Days sessions can EOP students attend?

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) preselected session is August 4–5, 2023. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact eop@calpoly.edu for further assistance.

Transfer Students
Transfer students must attend either August 9 or August 10, which has been preselected by your college based on your major. 

Which events can supporters attend?

Parents and supporters of Cal Poly students are strongly encouraged (but not required) to attend SLO Days. A maximum of two supporters are allowed per student. SLO Days is a great opportunity to learn how to support their new Mustang, gain insights and helpful resources, and get connected with other Cal Poly parents and supporters.
The supporter will be placed on the same session date as their student, whether the student selected an in-person or a virtual experience.
For adding supporters after the student has completed their reservation, please fill out the Orientation Request Form

Can parents and supporters stay overnight?

During the first-year in-person sessions, overnight accommodations are not included in the supporter reservation fee. However, Cal Poly's Office of Conference and Event Planning invites parents and supporters of incoming Cal Poly students to stay for a unique, on-campus experience during SLO Days. One or two-night stay options are available for all sessions in beautiful Poly Canyon Village. Click here to reserve your space now! Please direct all questions about this experience to the Office of Conference and Event Planning at 1-805-756-7600. For a list of local hotels, please visit Visit San Luis Obispo's webpage, https://visitslo.com/find-a-hotel/, for more information.

How do I change my SLO Days session date?

In order to change your SLO Days session date you will need to complete our Orientation Request Form. Please note, a $50 change-of-date fee will be automatically applied. Failure to submit payment immediately will result in a denied request to change your SLO Day session.

I cannot attend any of my sessions or the session I wish to attend is full. What can I do?

Sessions have limited capacity and space is not guaranteed until your reservation payment is received. There is no waitlist for closed sessions. In extreme circumstances, students may be granted an exemption to change SLO Days date into a full session. To file for an exception, complete the Orientation Request Form.

If I have a sudden change of plans and can't attend the event on any available dates, can I get a refund?

Orientation events are mandatory for all newly admitted first-year and transfer students. A refund is not available. In special circumstances, students may be granted an exemption and attend a closed session. To file for an exemption, complete the Orientation Request Form.

Do I qualify for a SLO Days fee reduction?

A fee reduction may be available based on the new student’s financial aid award. The University and the New Student & Transition Programs work closely with Financial Aid to reflect the appropriate fee based on your FAFSA application. For students eligible for a fee reduction, it is assigned directly to the student's reservation and does not require any additional action by the student.

My payment is not going through, what do I do?

Domestic Payments: Please proceed with selecting the credit card option listed under the Orientation Payment tab found on your orientation reservation account. When paying, only click the "submit" button once. Clicking it multiple times could result in a double payment.

International Payments: Please select the International Payment (Flywire) payment method on the Orientation Payment tab of your orientation reservation account. If you do not see this option, and you need to submit payment by this route, please contact orientation@calpoly.edu to assist you further.

Week of Welcome

What are the WOW experience options for freshmen students?

Option 1: Week of Welcome – Traditional Small Group Experience
The Traditional Week of Welcome (WOW) experience includes grouping by living community with other new students from your residence hall. The group is led by two orientation leaders. Week of Welcome programming encompasses key programs, key connections, and key resources - all of which new students will engage with during WOW this year! All required WOW programming will be hosted in person to ensure a consistent experience for the entire incoming class of new Mustangs. Community-building and engagement activities will take place throughout the week to connect both new Mustangs joining from home and those living on campus.

Option 2: Week of Welcome - Cross-Cultural Experience (CCE)
Week of Welcome - Cross-Cultural Experience programming seeks to form a community for students who identify as a member of an underrepresented group including, but not limited to various racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and economic class. CCE includes alternative experiences for WOWies new students such as: fun activities, workshops, discussions, and a multicultural resource fair that centers the voices of underrepresented students at Cal Poly and ensures that as a CCE participant you are connecting to resources and communities that will help you be a successful Mustang!

What are the WOW experience options for transfer students?

Option 1: Traditional Small Group Experience
This experience provides Transfer students with the opportunity to navigate the Week of Welcome in a group setting. In the group experience, Transfer students will attend various presentations and activities as a group, led by two orientation leaders. The two group leaders will plan out your schedule for the whole week so all you need to do is be ready to participate in various activities and experiences! The group experience is open to Transfer students living on-campus and open to those who live off-campus as well.

Option 2: Independent WOW Experience
The Independent WOW experience provides transfer students with the opportunity to navigate the Week of Welcome on their own. Transfer students who participate in this independent experience will attend various presentations and activities listed on the new transfer student track.


When will I get access to my Cal Poly email?

Students gain access to their Cal Poly email in the middle of the summer. Essential information will be sent to this account, which is linked to your personal email address, provided on your Cal Poly application. Please continue to use your personal email for correspondence up until you have received full access to your Cal Poly email account.

What is the contact information for my College Advisor?


Last Updated: June 6, 2023

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