Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

Orientation FAQs

When and how can supporters register for SLO Days?

Supporters can register to attend SLO Days, either virtually or in-person with their student, starting Tuesday, May 11, 2021. Supporters will register through their student's Orientation reservation account.

When and where will Orientation dates be available to students and supporters?

Dates will be available on the Orientation website and the student's orientation reservation account by April 8. Transfer students will view a pre-selected date based on their college and major.

How do I register for SLO Days and WOW?

Orientation reservations will be available as of Thursday, April 8, 2021. Students and supporters must register through their Orientation reservation account found on the student's Admission checklist. Please submit your payment through the Orientation reservation system to secure your preferred SLO Days and WOW dates. Any pending payments within the Orientation account will prohibit a student from participating in the events.  Click here to learn more about the reservation guidelines.

What is the deadline to register for SLO Days and WOW?

All first-year and transfer students must register for both SLO Days and Week of Welcome prior to August 6, 2021. We encourage all students to register prior to the last SLO Days sessions to participate in your preferred session. Students that are admitted late, must contact our office by email at orientation@calpoly.edu for further assistance.

Who is invited to attend SLO Days and WOW?

SLO Days and Week of Welcome attendance is mandatory for all first-time freshmen and transfer students. These events are optional for readmitted students, parents and supporters. Readmitted students must first receive approval from their College Advising Center to be exempt from these events. Please follow the steps here to register for SLO Days and WOW. For additional information, please visit the Cal Poly Admissions website.

Can parents and supporters attend SLO Days and WOW?

Yes! Parents and supporters of Cal Poly students are strongly encouraged (but not required) to attend SLO Days. A maximum of two supporters are allowed per student. SLO Days is a great opportunity to learn how to support their new Mustang, gain insights and helpful resources, and get connected with other Cal Poly parents and supporters.

Students can add parents/supporters (up to two people) to their SLO Days registration via their student's Orientation Reservation account.

When is the change of date deadline for SLO Days?

All change of date requests must be submitted through the Orientation Request Form no later than Tuesday, July 1, 2021.

I cannot attend any of the sessions or the session I wish to attend is full. What can I do?

Sessions have limited capacity and space is not guaranteed until the registration fee has been received. There is no wait list for closed/locked sessions. In extreme circumstances, students may be granted an exception to change SLO Days date into a full session. To file for an exception, complete the Orientation Request Form. 

Do I qualify for a SLO Days fee reduction?

Fee reductions are based on individual students need. The University and the New Student & Transition Programs has worked closely with Financial Aid to make sure we are able to cover the maximum number of students. Fee Reductions are assigned directly to the student's reservation system and do not require any additional action on the student's part for the reduction to be applied. 

My payment is not going through, what do I do?

Our system does not accept international credit cards. We suggest that if you have a credit card that is not an international one, to please proceed with the payment. In the case that you only have an international credit card, please complete your payment via "International Payment (Flywire)" under your 'My Reservation' tab on your orientation registration account. 

The Orientation reservation link will be located on your Admissions checklist within one week of being admitted after our launch date of April 8. Please email our Customer Service Staff at orientation@calpoly.edu if you do not have access to the link within that time frame.  

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