SLO Days

What is SLO Days?

Our Student Life Orientation Days or SLO Days is the first part of the two part orientation series all incoming undergraduate students attend to prepare them for the start of their journey as a new Mustang. Students will learn more about academics and the campus support resources available to them during their collegiate experience. 

First-time Freshman and Transfer Students participate in different SLO Days experiences. Parent and supporter SLO Days sessions are offered the same days as the student sessions and are geared toward the parent/supporter experience. Click below to learn about the correct experience for you.

First-time Freshmen

Transfer Students

Parents & Supporters

Special Programs

First-time Freshmen

SLO Days is an immersive two-day, overnight, summer orientation experience designed to connect students with their peers and the Cal Poly campus. 

Each incoming first-time freshman is required to attend one SLO Days Session. During the sessions, students hear from campus resources, engage in activities with their SLO Days group, and begin to prepare for life at Cal Poly.

In-person Sessions

  • July 1-2; Monday-Tuesday
  • July 5-6; Friday-Saturday
  • July 8-9; Monday-Tuesday
  • July 11-12; Thursday-Friday
  • July 15-16; Monday-Tuesday
  • July 18-19; Thursday-Friday
  • July 22-23; Monday-Tuesday
  • July 30-31; Tuesday-Wednesday
  • August 2-3; Friday-Saturday
  • August 5-6; Monday-Tuesday
  • August 9-10; Friday-Saturday (EOP & Cal Poly Scholars) 

Virtual Session — Reserved for International and out-of-state students

  • August 13; Tuesday


Supporter Sessions will be held on the same dates as the student sessions for both in-person and virtual sessions. Students will register their supporters/guests when they register themselves. Students can register a supporter after they register as well. 

Transfer Students SLO Days

Transfer students are required to participate in a comprehensive two-part SLO Days session to introduce them to the Cal Poly experience and prepare them for their academic journey. 

The program is structured into two parts. The first part is offered in-person or virtually to introduce the incoming students to various campus resources and help them gain valuable insights and information that will aid in their transition to university life.

The second part is pre-assigned based on the student's major to meet with their college advisors. This preparation is essential for their success in their first quarter at Cal Poly, ensuring the student can confidently navigate the process.

First Part

  • Virtual Session 
    • July 26; Friday
  • In-Person Sessions
    • July 27; Saturday

Second Part (Depending on the Major)

  • Virtual Sessions
    • August 7; Wednesday
    • August 8; Thursday

Supporter Sessions will be held on the exact dates of the student session and will be specifically tailored for the first part of the event. Students will register their supporters/guests when they register themselves, and they register as well.

Special Programs 

Cal Poly Scholars

Cal Poly Scholars must attend one of the following SLO Days sessions. There will be additional content provided by the Cal Poly Scholars department to the students.

In-person Sessions

  • July 5-6; Friday-Saturday
  • July 8-9; Monday-Tuesday
  • July 18-19; Thursday-Friday
  • August 2-3; Friday-Saturday
  • August 9-10; Friday-Saturday 

Learn more about Cal Poly Scholars here.

Educational Opportunity Program  

In-person Sessions

  • July 5-6; Friday-Saturday
  • July 15-16; Monday-Tuesday
  • August 9-10; Friday-Saturday 

For students who applied to EOP, we ask that you sign-up for SLO Days beginning in mid-April. 

Students accepted into EOP are expected to attend a designated SLO Days session. All selected participants will only be able to sign-up for these mandatory dates. For any questions regarding this, please contact EOP at

If you have declined participation in EOP, please log back into your orientation account to find any incurred fees. This information can be accessed through the "Orientation Events" tab in your MyCalPoly Portal. A new price for SLO Days will be reflected in your account.  

Please note: This is an application-based program. All participants must have already applied to the Educational Opportunity Program though Cal State Apply and received acceptance. Students unsure of their status in EOP should check their email for notification or reach out to the program directly at  

Learn more about Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) here.

How to Register

SLO Days reservations will open at the beginning of April 2024. Please note that your date is not secured until we receive payment for your session.

Step 1: Accept Your Offer

Accept your Offer of Admission from Cal Poly through your Cal Poly Portal to secure your spot, which allows you to register for SLO Days and the Week of Welcome (WOW). 

Step 2: Pick a Session Date 

Select the date that you and your supporter(s) want to attend. Your date will not be secured until payment is received for your session. Please note that students in certain programs (e.g. Cal Poly Scholars, Educational Opportunity Program, etc.) may have preferred SLO Days sessions to attend. See the Special Programs section below for more details.  

Step 3: Register for SLO Days or Transfer Advising Days and WOW

To register, students can log into their Cal Poly Portal

  1. Click on the “Orientation Events” tab.

  2. Click on "Register" to complete your registration.

Step 4: Prepare for Your Session

Let's make sure you're ready to go!

SLO Days Fees

  • First Year Students 

    The fee for new first year students cover the access to workshops and presentations throughout the session, advising materials, day-of schedule, parking, meals (day 1: lunch, dinner; day 2: continental breakfast), one night of housing in the residence halls, program staffing and access to the Pre and Post online orientation platform — The Transition Toolkit for New First Year Students.

    Virtual SLO Days for Students includes all of the above except meals, residence halls and in-person interaction with staff.

  • Parents & Supporters 

    For the supporter of students, the fee covers the access to workshops and presentations throughout the session, program materials, access to any virtual recordings and presentation materials, meals (day 1: lunch and dinner), program staffing and access to the Pre and Post online orientation platform — The Transition Toolkit for Supporters. Note: Overnight accommodations is not included. To find local accommodations, please visit our Plan Your Visit page.

    Virtual SLO Days for Supporters includes all of the above except meals and in-person interaction with staff.

  • Transfer Students

    For new transfer students, the Transfer SLO Days fee covers the access presentations, materials, schedule, program staffing, and access to the Pre and Post online orientation platform — The Transition Toolkit for New Transfer Students.

Frequently Asked Questions and Support 

Do you have any questions? Our student leadership team has the answers. Please visit our FAQs webpage or email us at


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