Interns and Student Admin Staff


Portrait of Randie
Randie Billesbach

Randie Billesbach, Customer Service Staff

Empathy, Includer, Responsibility, Developer, Harmony

Hometown: Castaic, CA
Year & Major: 4th year Liberal Studies Major with Child Development and Psychology Minors

What is your favorite part about New Student & Transition Programs? Seeing the opportunities for growth, personally as well as professionally. I think about who I was as a WOWie and who I am now. I owe this program a lot for the people that have come into my life, the challenges I faced, the lessons I learned and ultimately how I can utilize the way I view myself as a leader in a future career.

Portrait of Savannah
Savannah Brown

Savannah Brown, Customer Service Staff

Discipline, Restorative, Empathy, Individualization, Responsibility

Hometown: Novato, CA
Year & Major: 4th year Chemistry Major with a Psychology Minor

What is your favorite part about New Student & Transition Programs? I love the people this program has connected me to. From my first day of WOW to my fourth year, I have created lasting friendships that I intend to carry long past college.

Portrait of Geri
Geri Pirkle

Geri Pirkle, Customer Service Staff

Empathy, Developer, Restorative, Includer, Positivity


Hometown: Monterey, CA
Year & Major: 4th year Experience Industry Management Major with minors in Psychology and Sustainable Environments

What is your favorite part about New Student & Transition Programs? It has allowed me to connect with a community of people who share my passions and values and help me grow into a better leader. It's given me the opportunity to be a part of a team that is working towards making Cal Poly an inclusive home for everyone.

Portrait of Cody
Cody Capella

Cody Capella, Marketing & Special Projects Intern

Context, Learner, Achiever, Responsibility, Input


Hometown: Nevada City, CA
Year & Major: 5th year Art and Design Major with minors in Computer Science and Photography

What is your favorite part about New Student & Transition Programs? I really love the family that New Student and Transition Programs gives you; you're constantly surrounded by people who really, truly care about you and want to see you be your best self.

Portrait of Brendan
Brendan Cerutti

Brendan Cerutti, Marketing & Special Projects Intern

Positivity, Developer, WOO, Adaptability, Empathy


Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA
Year & Major: 3rd year Graphic Communication Major with a minor in Photography and Video

What is your favorite part about New Student & Transition Programs? I love the community that I found in New Student and Transition Programs. I am proud to be apart of a program that is doing so much for our campus.

Portrait of Anna
Anna Howard

Anna Howard, Sponsorship & Marketing Intern

Positivity, Includer, Developer, Individualization, Woo


Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Year & Major: 3rd year Journalism Major

What is your favorite part about New Student & Transition Programs? I love how warm and welcoming the NSTP community is. Everyone is very encouraging and helps you be your best self.


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