Week of Welcome 2017

2017 WOW Schedule*

Sign Ups for SLO Days and WOW begins March 22, 2017 and ends June 15, 2017.

*Below is a tentative general overview of WOW education programming, events, and entertainment. Each WOW Group will have a unique schedule based upon what their WOW Leaders have created for their individual groups. 

Day Major Events*

Sunday, September 10

  • Big Fall Welcome

Monday, September 11

  • Academic Day: College Connections

Tuesday, September 12


  • WOW Programming, events, & entertainment

Wednesday, September 13

  • WOW Programming, events, & entertainment

Thursday, September 14

  • First Day of Fall Quarter Classes

Friday, September 15

  • Evening regrouping of WOW groups/programming resumes

Saturday, September 16


  • WOW Programming, events, & entertainment

Sunday, September 17

  • Campus-wide showcase

WOW - What's Next

Sign-up for WOW

Sign-up now by going to the “Orientation Events” tab on your my.calpoly.edu portal. 

All new students must sign-up to WOW prior to arriving to campus for move-in. Orientation is mandatory for all new students. If exceptional circumstances prevent you from attending all or part of WOW, please submit a request for review by clicking here.

Check-in, Mott Lawn

nce students have on campus and have moved-in, all new Cal Poly students must check-in for WOW to receive their group number and grouping time.

Bring $25

As part of their sign-up cost, all new students need to bring $25 cash when in their WOW Groups as they explore San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly, and the Central Coast.

WOW Grouping

Meet in common spaces of your residence hall

Sunday, September, 10th

All new students have been placed in a WOW Group based on their on campus assignment. At check-in, students will be given their WOW Group number and time of their WOW Grouping. Prior to Grouping, WOW Leaders will be visiting all residence halls and leading new students down to WOW Grouping.

WOW Event Descriptions 

Academic College Experience (ACE)

"Academic College Experience" is for all new students to attend.  Students will get to see what it takes to fit in classes, extracurriculars, meals, laundry, friends all while making sure they are fitting in the 25-35 hours of studying.  Along with this they will be exposed to the outline and the speed of the quarter system, as well as the resources they can utilize and the day to day classroom interactions.

Walk through an interactive and engaging gallery focused on the transition to Cal Poly and the college experience. Incoming students and community members will have the opportunity to experience programming regarding topics such as alcohol, sexual assault, stress and mental health, and many others. The gallery works to lessen stigma, provide resources, and most importantly provide a feeling of reassurance to incoming students that they are a part of the Mustang family and will not be alone through anything they may face in the coming years.

Big Fall Welcome

Come help us kick off the Week of Welcome (WOW) festivities with a spirited Mustang welcome from President Armstrong, ASI President Jana Colombini, and the Ripples Guy Paul Wesselmann. Alex G. Spanos Memorial Stadium will be filled with orientation leaders, resident advisors, Cal Poly athletes, and many other Cal Poly Mustangs.  Both students and supporters are encouraged to attend and help us start fall quarter.

Expect Respect (Sexual Violence)

Students will experience programming focused on Sexual Assault culture on college campuses through skits performed live by Smile & Nod. With specific focus on consent, resource information, and being an active bystander, this interactive experience will empower Mustangs to address and have conversations regarding sexual assault.

Inclusion Starts with Me Kick-off

This high energy presentation, will give students the opportunity to find out how they can promote an inclusive Cal Poly. As students prepare for their first year and beyond the importance of creating community will remain constant. Audience members will be reintroduced to the new campaign, "Inclusion Starts with Me" and hear both staff and student perspectives on  what it means to welcome others at Cal Poly. The Inclusion starts with Me Kick-off is a collaborative presentation between the Office of University & Inclusivity and New Student & Transition Programs.

Inside the Mind (Mental Health)

Incoming students will be introduced to the commonality of mental health struggles often tied to the transition of coming to college. Students will become aware of how to identify warning signs for themselves and their fellow Mustangs. This presentation will also capture the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and balance in order to be most successful. 

Know Your Limits (Alcohol & Drugs)

This presentation will address the potential dangers involved in substance use and abuse particularly for incoming college students. They will receive information regarding the effects of alcohol and drugs on the brain and the body. Also, with emotionally impactful programming such as Aware Awake Alive, students will understand potential consequences of alcohol use and the importance of looking out for themselves and their fellow Mustangs. 

Mustang Way to Success: Breakout Sessions

There are twenty-six different breakout sessions that students can choose from on Thursday, September 14th. These sessions are done by different on-campus entities that illustrates different ways students can get involved on campus along with developing an understanding of what resources are available to them. Students will be allowed to pick and choose which sessions they would like to attend depending on the sessions that sound interesting to them.

Resource Fair

The Resource Fair is an opportunity for students to learn about on- and off-campus resources and the services they provide. It is different from the Club Showcase which is an opportunity for students to learn how to get involved on campus. 


WOW-A-RAMA is a fun and exciting way to meet and interact with new students. A long-time friend of WOW, Frank Warren, does a phenomenal job facilitating a number of ice breakers and activities on our Lower Sports Complex geared towards helping new students make connections as they begin their time at Cal Poly.


WOW 2016 University Release

For students participating in the Week of Welcome, the Cal Poly University Release form can be found at the link below. If the student is 18 years of age or older, only the first page must be filled out. If the student is under 18, the second page must be completed as well. This document will be provided to students upon checking in for WOW. 

WOW 2016 University Release (Page 1)

WOW 2016 University Release (Page 2)

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