Student Life Orientation Days General Questions


What is Student Life Orientation Days’ Purpose?

  • Student Life Orientation Days is an opportunity for students and supporters to begin their transition to Cal Poly. Student Life Orientation Days begins the orientation process by introducing students and supporters to the campus and city, as well as providing tools and resources to help students be successful.

  • Student Life Orientation Days is also the opportunity for parent/supporter programming that covers administrative logistics, transitioning their student to college, and provides information on what to expect for themselves and their student.


How do I sign up for Student Life Orientation Days?

  • Students will be able to sign up for Student Life Orientation Days through their MyCalPoly Portal. It is located under the Orientation & Events tab (similar to the Money Matters tab).


Do all new students have to attend Student Life Orientation Days?

  • Student Life Orientation Days is mandatory for all incoming new students. Ten sessions are offered throughout July and August for freshmen, and August 14 for transfer students. Out-of-State Students who cannot attend any of the July-August dates can attend September 9. To be added to the September 9 session, you must call New student & Transition Programs at 805-756-2400.


What if I can't attend Student Life Orientation Days?

  • SLO Days and WOW are mandatory for all new students. If circumstances prevent you from attending any of our session dates, you may request an exception here.

  • All new students must be register for SLO Days by July 1, 2017


Do supporters have to attend Student Life Orientation Days?

  • It is not required for a parent or supporter to attend a Student Life Orientation Days session. Each student can bring up to two supporters and must register them prior to the session date.

Are there overnight accommodations for supporters and for nights not during the session?

  • The city of San Luis Obispo offers a wide range of lodging accommodations within a minute’s drive from campus including boutique inns, name-brand hotels and motels, and wine country B&Bs. Explore a list of more the 38 San Luis Obispo’s hotels and homestays and find your perfect place to stay. Don’t forget to visit SanLuisObispoVacations.com the city’s official visitor website for things to do during your visit.

 Link to Hotels: https://sanluisobispovacations.com/find-a-hotel/

Link to Homestays: https://sanluisobispovacations.com/find-a-homestay/

I cannot attend any of the sessions or the session I wish to attend is full, what can I do?

  • We offer 10 sessions throughout the summer to best accommodate the hectic summer schedules for our new students. If you cannot attend any of the open dates, but are able to attend a session that is full, you may request an exception here. Exceptions are reviewed by the New Student and Transition Programs staff and will be responded to within 5 business days.


Can I bring siblings or more than 2 guests?

  • Currently our capacity (set by our facilities maximum capacities) is limited to two guests per student. At this moment Student Life Orientation Days does not have the ability to accommodate more individuals.


One or more of my supporters can no longer attend, what do I do?

  • If one or both of your supporters/parents can no longer attend, please email orientation@calpoly.edu with a request to process a refund as soon as possible. A processing fee of $25.00/cancelation will be applied to the refund.


Are there overnight accommodations?

  • Students will be staying in the resident halls with other Student Life Orientation Days participants and Student Life Orientation Days Staff.

  • Parents and supporters have the opportunity to stay in Poly Canyon Village. Reservations for Poly Canyon Village can be made through Conference and Event Planning.


Does the included meal have dietary restriction options?

  • We are able to accommodate some dietary restrictions (dairy and gluten). Please indicate these restrictions during your reservation process for Student Life Orientation Days. If you have other dietary needs it is recommended that you bring a personal meal for your time at Student Life Orientation Days.

Student Life Orientation Days Fee Questions


Do I qualify for fee reductions?

  • Fee reductions are based on individual students need. The University and the New Student & Transition Programs has worked closely with Financial Aid to make sure we are able to cover the maximum number of students. Fee Reductions are assigned directly to the students reservation system and do not require any action on the students part for the reduction to be applied.



What does the fee cover?

  • Student: Student schedule, advising materials, access to workshops and presentations to prepare for advising, parking, one meal, transportation for ExploreSLO, and one night of housing.

  • Supporter: Family Member schedule, workshops and presentations, materials from family workshop, a tote bag, transportation for ExploreSLO and a meal. No housing is included.

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