When is WOW?

  • September 18-25, 2016


When can I sign up?

  • Registration is open through your My Cal Poly Portal under the "Orientation" tab.


I went to Student Life Orientation Days. Why should I do WOW too?

  • Student Life Orientation Days and WOW have very different programming. We have worked really hard to make both events worthwhile for you. Student Life Orientation Days is a chance for you to learn about the Cal Poly campus and the more logistical side of college. During WOW, you will also learn about the Cal Poly and SLO communities, but with more of a focus on establishing yourself in your new home!


How much does WOW cost?

  • The price for WOW is $175 at initial reservation, and we ask all students to bring $25 to the Week of Welcome.


I'm a transfer student. Why do I need to attend?

  • This is a chance to meet new transfers, talk with current students about issues that they're facing, learning more about your major and resources for academic advising to finish up. It's also a great opportunity to get involved in clubs and organizations on campus, and make new social connections that will last for years to come!


I want to go to the Out-Of-State & International Student Life Orientation Days, will I miss some of WOW?

  • No, WOW grouping will happen after Student Life Orientation Days ends.

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